Casino bonuses are everywhere these days and it is ever so alluring to jump right into grabbing all of them. Let’s face it, they are great. The possibility of making some real money for free really exists but it should remain a fun and stress-free experience and this means that you should play responsibly. But what does this mean?


It is very important that you understand this before you accept a bonus offer. Almost all bonuses come with a wagering requirement and withdrawal limits. The wagering requirement is when you will need to play through a certain amount before you will be able to withdraw any winnings. For example: If you receive a $50 bonus with a x10 wagering requirement, you will need to play through $500 before you can withdraw any winnings. The withdrawal limits restricts you to withdrawing only a certain amount on one go, in a specific time period. For example: You will be able to withdraw only $2000, once every 5 days.


There is no one size fits all rule for setting up your bankroll but it might be a good idea to set some limits. You also need to remind yourself that while the chance of winning a life changing amount still exists, the chance of losing money is also realistic. Online casinos can set up your own personal limits. You can choose whether you want to set the maximum amount limit per day, per week or per month. This is a great way for you to plan ahead.


You can also set up time limits which will restrict you to play up to a certain amount of time per session. It is not difficult to get carried away with a fantastic game with loads of bonus offers and before you know it, you’ve playing for many hours.

Play responsibly.