Responsible Gambling

For most online casino players, gambling responsibly will come naturally. They will be able to enjoy their experience at an online casino and only spend the money they can afford. For others, gambling can end up becoming a problem.

On this page you will be able to read everything you should know about responsible gambling. We have covered the various measures all players should take and also provided information needed to be able to gamble safely. Our goal is to ensure that our readers are able to play both responsibly and safely and truly enjoy their experience.

We are a responsible casino news website and work towards creating an enjoyable and safe online casino environment for our readers. We believe that online gambling should be an fun activity and enjoyed as a hobby, only being practised as a form of entertainment.

How to Stay in Control

Below you will find a list of tools that have been designed to keep gambling fun and entertaining at all times. While you might never need to use any of them, you should know that they are available for you to make use of, if you ever feel the need to.

Depositing Limits

Every operator will have this feature available to allow players to set specific limits or controls in order to regulate their spending. This tool will allow you to limit your daily, weekly or even monthly deposits.


Just like depositing limits, every operator is required to provide their customers with the option to self-exclude themselves from online gambling. You will be able to set a time limit that suits you, usually starting from a minimum of one year and also with the option of self-excluding permanently.

In the UK, a self-exclusion system called GAMSTOP will allow players to self-exclude from gambling sites and even brick and mortar casinos licensed in the UK all in one go.

Cool-off Periods

You will always have the option to take a break from an online casino by blocking your access. Operators will usually offer a cool-off period between one and 30 days. During this time period, the operators will not communicate with you or advertise about any free spins or bonus offers.

Social Media Break

Another great tool to make use of is taking a break from social media. By choosing to unfollow gambling operators on social media pages or casino pages that offer bonuses and other promotions, the temptation will be removed.

Warning Signs of a Gambling Problem

When someone is experiencing a gambling problem, there will usually be some signs to look out for. By knowing what signs to keep an eye out for, it will be much easier to control a gambling habit or know when to reach out for help. It is important to remember that problem gambling is something that can be controlled. Knowing how to identify the problem will make it easier to stop the habit earlier and receive the help that is needed faster.

This is why we have compiled a list of various statements. We urge you to be completely honest with yourself when reading through these statements to see if you recognise your own behaviour in any of them:

– You have been gambling until all your money is spent.

– You have been feeling worried, depressed, anxious, irritable or guilty.

– You have lost interest in your usual hobbies or activities like spending time with family and friends.

– You have been lying about gambling or found yourself hiding it from others.

– You have been having arguments with friends or family about gambling or money.

– You have been spending more time and money on gambling than you realistically can afford.

– You have borrowed money or avoided paying bills to be able to afford your gambling habits.

If you recognise your own behaviour in one or several of the statements above, this might be an indication that you have a compulsive gambling problem. By showing these signs of gambling addiction, we urge you to be honest with yourself and seek the relevant support and help you need. Below, you can read about various organisations who have specialised in responsible gambling and will be able to offer the support and advice needed.

Where to Find Help

Luckily, there are several places to turn to for help if you find yourself experiencing a gambling addiction. These organisations have specialised themselves in problem gambling and will be able to provide further information about gambling addiction cures. Both problem gamblers as well as any family or friends who have been affected can reach out to any of the companies below, whether it is to ask a simple question or receive advice and guidance.


Gambling Therapy is a company that offers a free online service to anyone who needs it. Both problem gamblers as well as any loved ones who have been affected by gambling problems are welcome to contact Gambling Therapy. They offer support and provide advice and work together with casino players to deal with the issue. Gambling Therapy is also available as a mobile app. More information about Gambling Therapy can be found here.


BeGambleAware offer information about gambling problems to be able to help people make informed decisions about their gambling habits. They will help anyone who contacts them to find out more about what safe gambling really means, recognise a gambling addiction and also provide general information about gambling.

Responsible Gambling Tips

No matter if you currently feel you need to cut down on your gambling habit or not, these tips will help you to continue to gamble responsibly. Below you can read some of our top tips on how to ensure gambling and playing on online casinos remains a fun and safe activity.

  • Set a time limit when gambling and make sure you stick to it. Stop playing as soon as the time is up.
  • Set a maximum budget when gambling. Decide beforehand on how much you can afford to lose.
  • Treat the money you have lost during a gambling session as an entertainment expense. Any winnings should be treated as a bonus.
  • Never borrow money from anyone to be able to gamble, this includes loans and credit.
  • Educate yourself about problem gambling and know the signs of a gambling addiction, this is the best prevention.
  • Make sure your understand the odds in the game, in most cases the odds will be against you.
  • Gambling should never be stressful, make sure you are only gambling for entertainment purposes.
  • Never allow gambling to affect your personal life or social life in any negative way.

Protecting Minors and Under 18s

Gambling operators use strict processes to be able to verify the age and identity of their customers. By law, companies are not allowed to advertise or promote gambling in any way that might appeal to anyone under the legal age of gambling. Casino operators are doing their part in protecting minors from accessing an online gambling site and as a responsible casino news website we also wish to prevent anyone under age from gambling, which is illegal.

We still ask that you also take the reasonable steps to help prevent anyone under the age of 18 from gambling or gaining access to casino websites or online casinos. There are several steps you can do to make sure this never happens.

  • Research child-protection software, examples of this include¬†Net Nanny and CYBERsitter. Software like this will block minors from accessing gambling sites.
  • Never allow anyone under the age of 18 to access any of your bank account or credit card details.
  • Do not ever glamorise gambling to anyone who is under the legal age of gambling, this includes placing bets for them.
  • Always use secure profiles for everyone who uses a shared computer, using separate profiles is advised.